N and K


Even if it’s not your first … A wedding is a big deal. It’s a celebration and an expression of the marriage you hope to have with someone you adore.  It’s a lot of moving pieces and lots of emotion – you really want the right person to guide you and help you enjoy it.  We were delighted to have Elaine as our celebrant. Right from the start we felt that we had a friend and a professional guiding us. Our wedding combined 2 families, 6 individuals, 3 cultures and 2 languages so we needed gentle hands and good energy.  Elaine calmly got things done, explained what was essential, important or just optional (with insight and good ideas).  Her ability to listen, suggest, adapt, enthuse and keep us on track made the ceremony an exciting and stable part of the wedding.  We were able to celebrate our commitment to each other as a couple and as a blended family.  Our children and our parents said they felt involved, comfortable and significant.  Our guests told us they really enjoyed the ceremony and could see what was important to us.  Elaine also embraced and added to our ideas, building a personal and sincere event: Vows and readings in English and French; vows to children; family medallions; the story of the 15 second kiss; a (vintage French) wine ceremony; candle lighting and coloured sand pouring were all smoothly integrated and well received.  Elaine is a professional presenter, is punctual, plans and anticipates well, communicates proactively and adapts smoothly as required.  We strongly recommend Elaine as someone who will help you enjoy the big moment as soon as you meet her.